Preventing premature ejacluation

Preventing premature ejaculation is one of the biggest male problems in our life. If you are stressed by your problems at work and you have problems with your sexual life you can try Last-Longer.

We all know that is true. Premature ejaculation is really embarrassing and it is a normal thing to avoid it.WE choose to design especially for this problem a herbal product which can cure premature ejaculation in 3-4 months if the normal dosage is respected.

Last-Longer is an 100% natural medicine which is designed to cure premature ejaculation.If you fill that you might have problems it is also preventing premature ejaculation.

Last-longer, our preventing premature ejaculation pill acts on the hypothalamic sensors of the brain that regulate sexual excitement. By lowering the hyper activity of the sexual sensors, LAST LONGER helps you to prolong the penetration time and delays of ejaculation by up to 20 mins.It can also help you to increase semen volume as long as you obtain a more intense orgasm.

The usual dosage is 2 pills for 3-4 months and your problem should be cured.Take the pills after food with a big glass of liquid.It is important in the first month to take the dosage at the right time.

If you forgot to take a dose take it when you remember but not more than 2 pills in 5 hours.

Our preventing premature ejaculation pills have no side effects. If you have some doubts about it ask your doctor.


Each pill contains:

  • Salep Orchid – 65mg
  • Higrophila – 42mg
  • Prickly Lettuce – 35mg
  • Cowhage – 35mg
  • Mosaic gold – 15mg
  • Extracts Elephant Creeper – 42mg
  • Small Caltroops – 45mg
  • Laptadenia Reticulata -45mg
  • Stone Flowers – 15mg

If you follow the treatment with Last-Longer you can cure premature ejaculation.We say that because the results are tested.

Our increase semen production pills will offer you a better sexual life

  1. Offer you a more intense orgasm
  2. Increase sperm count
  3. Improves your semen quality
  4. Help you to have kids by increasing your low sperm count and poor ejaculation volume

The usual dosage of our increasing sperm count pills is about 2 pills a day after you eat with a glass of water.

In the first 3 months it is important to respect the treatment so the results can be seen early.The whole process needs time but it can have effects immediately because as we all know low sperm volume cases are a big problem today when there are more and more people which are stressed.

If you forgot to take one dose,take it as soon you remember but no more than 2 increase sperm count pills in less than 10-12 hours.Don’t double to catch up. The boost of your semen volume is 100% guaranteed.

Increase sperm count pills are not having any side effects. If you are having anu concerns about the treatment ask your doctor about it.